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Then the trucks would come back later in the night and pick them up and take them back to the battalion.Then I had a posting back to Indonesia, to Jakarta with the defence co-operation scheme.They would go out and either build the projects themselves or let out tenders to local contractors and oversee the building of the project.We finally worked it out and he took up to Taurama which is where the barracks were just out of Moresby.So, for the rest of the tour we had to walk past this coffin every day, a green coffin.15th October 2017 News - Sports Betting Tips. (LOC) for the FIFA U-17 World Cup on. The club’s opening-round Premier Cricket victory over Footscray was.It was stuff like powdered eggs and reconstituted milk and that sort of stuff.

I had an office space in the embassy itself and I used to turn up there three afternoons a week.It was someone in the early days of the task force, but we had running water.We had these seventeen bodies and quite a number of them were young.The headquarters were set up in Talasea and we were going to patrol the island of New Britain.I did a number of courses like the battle efficiency course at Canungra for example.When you returned back, you found an opportunity to go to Saigon and to study and go to the university, how did that arise.The red road indicated that maybe there was action the previous night, and that the bad guys were there and there might have been the possibility of mines laid on the road.Down at the province level it seemed to function quite well, away from the political things.

We spent the days, all day, most days just out on the road with yourself and a driver and going from village to village and hamlet to hamlet.West 48, Footscray: See 35 unbiased reviews of West 48, rated 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #9 of 157 restaurants in Footscray.Finally, I came back to Australia as the commanding officer of the Defence International Training Centre which is in Melbourne.No one kept a time clock or anything you came and went as you pleased.It appears in the same position for both languages although the words are different.Most of the instructors had Vietnam experience so they talked about booby traps.There were no rockets or mortars or anything coming into Saigon.

In fact, talking about soft targets Rob Lovell, who is in Sydney, would have had to be the softest target in Vietnam.It was catered for by the warrant officer caterer and the soldiers acted as stewards.Any access that you make of this website is undertaken at your own risk.They were all doing all this stuff themselves and trying to do as much as they could.They give you a language aptitude test which had been devised by I think the Americans.At the back of your tent is a hole in the ground and it is called a weapon pit.It was over one million I believe and these were the people who were teaching us.

I was told at the time that the reason the pay scales were so disparate was because again heading towards independence they were trying to pay the Papua New Guinea soldier the amount they thought their government would be able to pay on independence.

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In Moresby there was a headquarters at Murray Barracks and the battalion was at Taurama Barracks, which as I say was just out of town.Then it was back to your room to study for two, three or four hours and then go to bed and you would get up and do the same thing.Mum stayed for some time and Dad would come back for the odd weekend here and there.The other lecturers were Nguyen and for a period some other officers who had done the course previously and had been to Vietnam like Barry Bradshaw and a couple of others.There were a couple of other teachers in it, but not people I knew.Part of Nui Dat was a disused rubber plantation and that is where our lines were, within the rubber plantation.

They also administered the HES, which was the Hamlet Evaluation System.The task force had a command post and a huge battle map of the area which had on it marked the location of all units that operated in the area.I think we knew that marijuana was certainly available, but I think for Australians by and large at the time, the drugs of choice were cigarettes and beer and they were in plentiful supply.We walked down the street and it was just a nice busy street with nothing really happening.

Then of course we got our own little place and we stayed in there even more often.So I played with them a lot and got to know a lot of them fairly well.

I went from one posting to the next hopefully getting one that liked and enjoyed doing, and by and large I did, so I was quite happy with that.We boarded this Caribou and there were twenty or thirty of us.Jenny and I were just going to go up to a local pub for a weekend after we got married.Buisson Island was an island and we built a latrine there for the school and when we went there we went by helicopter.In my case, I felt disoriented because all the rules were different.

What happened when you were coming to the end of that counting.For the toilet block, they actually made the bricks but we built the.In retrospect, why did they give you North Vietnamese teachers then.It was nowhere near as difficult as the last years of high school.Saigon is still bustling and there is trade going on all over the place and the shops are full of goods.